Houston Recycling and LEED Reporting

In this age of environmental responsibility, more and more of our customers are asking questions about what happens to their trash after its been removed. At Action Trucking in Houston, we’ve become leaders in recycling and green waste removal. We can help you sort and collect virtually any type of recyclable material, and even assist with LEEDS certification reporting.

We provide several environmentally-friendly options because we know how important going green is to our customers, and because we want to preserve the beauty of south Texas for future generations. Whether you’re looking to clean up a construction site, set up regular garbage removal, or look into recycling on any scale, we can help.

Why Turn to Action Trucking for Recycling Services?

Waste removal of any kind seems simple from the outside, but we’ve learned through our 40+ year history that its all about the details. That’s especially true when it comes to green trash removal and recycling. Our customers want to know that the cleanup and sorting will be done thoroughly, while still saving money along the way.

We offer them affordable rates, environmentally-friendly service, and so much more. Our family-owned business has been growing for 40+ years because we are known for providing personal service as well as being consistent and trustworthy. When you call Action Trucking in Houston, you get:

  • The best in recycling and green trash removal services and technology
  • Reporting that helps you comply with LEEDS certification and local standards
  • Our own fleet of modern trucks with Company-owned waste diversion facility
  • Access to a friendly team that’s ready to answer your question(s) or schedule an emergency pickup
  • Usual recycle materials include – Concrete, Metal, Wood, Plastic, Paper, Drywall, Sand, and Dirt.
Customers come to us again and again because we offer fast service, fair pricing, and quick answers. In other words, when you need to make trash from a building site disappear, we can help.

Other companies talk about reliability and low-cost in recycling green trash removal, but Action Trucking sets the standard. Call us today at 713-433-4574 to learn more!

Construction Site Cleanup

We have the tools and expertise to help you clean up a building site after construction has been finished

Waste Transportation

Clear a lot or move residential or construction away from your facility and into a local landfill.

Garbage Disposal

Action Trucking can help with regular garbage disposal and one-time projects.

Recycling & LEED Reporting

Concerned about your impact on the environment or want to comply with local standards?

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