About Action Trucking

With 40 + years in the business and literally thousands of buildings and construction sites serviced, we know what it means to keep our customers happy.

What We Do

Construction Site Cleanup

Waste Transportation


Garbage Disposal


Recycling and LEED Reporting

About Action Trucking

We’re here to help with service when you call and not when it’s convenient for us, with answers to your disposal or earth material needs, or LEED reporting for your construction project.

Anyone can haul garbage, but customer satisfaction is in our DNA. You can be sure that when you call Action Trucking, you won’t be sent to a voicemail or a corporate office – we are always easy to find and talk to.

We only hire the friendliest and most committed support staff you’ll find anywhere. We learned decades ago that the people we work with need low prices and fast service, but they have stuck with us because we treat them the way we would want our vendors to treat us.

Trash, waste removal, and garbage hauling might be dirty work, but we go farther than anyone else to keep our reputation clean. Call Action Trucking in Houston today at 713-433-4574 for a quote on construction site cleanup or regular collection service!

Construction Site Cleanup

We have the tools and expertise to help you clean up a building site after construction has been finished

Waste Transportation

Clear a lot or move residential or construction away from your facility and into a local landfill.

Garbage Disposal

Action Trucking can help with regular garbage disposal and one-time projects.

Recycling & LEED Reporting

Concerned about your impact on the environment or want to comply with local standards?

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Please feel free to contact us at the following address and numbers  for more information on our services or to receive a quote:

Action Trucking Company

1306 E Anderson Road
Houston, TX 77047

Phone: 713-433-4574

Email: info@actiontrucking.com