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How can Action Trucking in Houston help you? Although hauling trash is our business, our focus is on customer satisfaction. That’s why we’ve developed a reputation for personal service throughout the greater Houston area.

As a family-owned and operated company, complete with our own trucks, sandpit, and landfill, we can help with virtually any type of waste removal and clean up job. However, most customers contact us for one of the following…

What We Do

Construction Site Cleanup

Waste Transportation

Garbage Disposal

Recycling and LEED Reporting

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Construction Site Cleanup

Having a neat and clean construction site might not be as easy as it seems. You might need a trash removal company that can handle an irregular schedule or provide various sized containers for different construction materials. Some items might need to be recycled to comply with project requirements and best practices. Action Trucking has the answer to every scenario you can need a solution for.

Waste Transportation

Taking trash from one place to another might seem like a simple business but getting good service from a trusted professional team is more valuable than you might think. It only takes one missed pickup or less-than-thorough job to understand why. Twenty-four hour service is guaranteed, and same day services are available.

Garbage Disposal

You might not care what sort of trucks your trash removal company uses, but you will want to know that they have modern, reliable equipment. And, it helps if they own their own fleet, and have a variety of trucks and containers to meet the needs of any job, no matter how small or large.

Recycling Services

In this age of environmental responsibility, more and more of our customers are asking questions about what happens to their trash after it’s been removed. At Action Trucking in Houston, we’ve become leaders in recycling and green waste removal. We can help you sort and collect virtually any type of recyclable material, and even assist with LEEDS certification reporting.

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