Permanent Construction Waste Pick-Up Services

Taking trash form one place to another might seem like a simple business, but getting good service from a trusted professional team is more valuable than you might think. It only takes one missed pickup or less-than-thorough job to understand why.

At Action Trucking in Houston, we provide regular waste pick-up services. No matter how often regular pick-up occurs, we can provide the right size equipment and use our own fleet of modern and reliable trucks to make sure cleanup is thorough and professional. As a third-generation family business, we even have a team of experts standing by to help you find the fastest and most affordable option for your needs.

Why Customers Choose Action Trucking in Houston for Pick-Up Services

At a time when most of our competitors are using computer models to find the cheapest ways to haul trash, we remain committed to 100% customer satisfaction. That means occasionally re-routing our trucks or dealing with heavier-than-expected loads from time to time. It also means having someone to answer the phone, and your questions, when you call.

There are a lot of waste transportation businesses in the greater Houston area, but Action Trucking offers:

• Local landfills that can accommodate almost any type of trash
• A reliable fleet of company-owned trucks to meet heavy demand
• Experience with LEEDS certification for green waste removal
• 40+ years of experience keeping customers happy with low prices and premium service

If you want thorough and efficient waste removal in Houston, backed by the kind of personal attention you’d expect from a third-generation family business, then call the friendly Action Trucking team now at 713-433-4574!

Construction Site Cleanup

We have the tools and expertise to help you clean up a building site after construction has been finished

Waste Transportation

Clear a lot or move residential or construction away from your facility and into a local landfill.

Garbage Disposal

Action Trucking can help with regular garbage disposal and one-time projects.

Recycling & LEED Reporting

Concerned about your impact on the environment or want to comply with local standards?

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